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The League continues to grow as the League Series 2 in Wales promises to be the biggest yet

The League Series 2 event in Wales promises to be the largest yet! With the League popularity soaring every year it’s important if you get your entries in early!

We will be capping the entry to 850. The online application will close once we have received this number of entrants. Andrew Wood, League Facilitator, commented:

“The Welsh competition is always a very popular one in the League Series and although we have to cut off the entries at our upper limit, we encourage those that don’t make it to ensure they enter the other events across the UK throughout the year to give them the best chance of qualifying for the League Finals.”

As an organisation, we apologise for this cap however we cannot accommodate more than this number of competitors in a weekend. It is for everybody’s safety and for the quality of the League event that we must do this.

Full information and details will be available nearer the time on the League Series 2 | Wales event page. If you have any questions please get in touch at

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