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Trampoline Assistant app review

As the world becomes ever more digital, it would seem that even trampolining is following suit. The new version of an app called ‘Trampoline Assistant’ has been released. The app supports how a coach keeps a record of every competitor under their care and the League got a chance to have a play around with newest update before the release.

Trampoline Assistant is an app designed for trampoline coaches, by a trampoline coach. It offers the ability to profile your gymnasts, record and track their progress, with the ultimate aim to manage your club. Its recording functionality means no more paperwork when monitoring progress, and the tariff calculator makes creating and storing routines easier than ever before.

Although still an early version, the app already proves to be helpful. Our favourite feature is how easily you can record timed jumps or a full routine and add these to your gymnast’s profile. This is then displayed in a graph to show trends of improvement over time. There is also an up to date database of routines for different levels and organisations conveniently accessible at the touch of a button – a helpful addition for those of us that doesn’t store it all our head. This update also includes the first version of the cloud based Club Manager.

  • So what can we see being added in the next few updates?
        • – Recording and assigning videos to gymnasts profiles
        • – Basic video analysis tool on playing videos
        • – Additional information fields added to gymnasts profiles
        • – Club management capability
        • – Competition score record assigned to gymnasts profiles
        • – Collaborative sharing with other users

On the current version basic features are good and definitely beneficial to a coach but where would we like to see this app going? The potential for the app is exiting! In the the future it would be good to see gymnasts having access to their profiles enabling them to time each other and not fully rely on their coach to store the record. This multi user ability could enable a coach to track their gymnasts training with other coaches within a club. This app could introduce a training diary capability keeping a log of everything a gymnast does over their entire career. The possibilities are endless.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, the app is still being tailored with new features being added and improved but it’s exciting to see a trampoline specific app brought to the market. The development team behind Trampoline Assistant are looking for individuals to use the app and feedback their thoughts and suggestions to help shape the next development of it. If you want to give it a go it is available for purchase for £1.99 from the app store. To get in touch with Trampoline Assistant contact

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